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Who Is Rebecca Black? Rebecca Black Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and Other Facts About Her

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is an American nationalist famous for her singing career and YouTube channel. The turning point of Rebecca Black career was a viral YouTube video that she uploaded. This is a video song, and the title of this song is “Friday.” Most people watch this video on YouTube to make fun of it and criticize it. But this criticism gives a lot of popularity to Rebecca Black. In this article, you will learn about Rebecca Black net worth, personal life, care, and more interesting facts about her.

The early life of Rebecca Black

The date of birth of Rebecca Black is 21 June 1997. She was born in a town named Irvine. Irvine is situated in California State, USA. She is the daughter of John Jeffery and Georgina Marquez Kelly. Rebecca Black has the full name Rebecca Renee Black. By profession, Rebecca Black’s father and mother are veterinarians, and both love to help animals fight and treat different diseases.


Rebecca Black spent most of her childhood in her native city Irvine. She started getting her early education from a private school situated in Irvine. She studied at a private school till grade six. During their school study, Rebecca Black joined her school’s “Musical Theater.” After joining “Musical Theater,” Rebecca felt that she was made for music. She suffered bullying from her classmates while studying in a private school. Due to this bullying, she decided to continue her study at public school but could not escape from bullying at the public school too.

Rebecca Black also had a busy schedule due to her career startup and could not get enough time for regular schooling. Due to all these reasons, she decided to complete her education through homeschooling. There is another reason is also present due to which Rebecca decided to homeschool is that she failed in English class due to busyness in her career-related activities. Later, Rebecca Black’s net worth increased significantly due to her successful career.

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Personal life

In regards to Rebecca Black’s personal life, there is not much information available. Because no one sees her with any person, she is currently not married and lives as single. According to famous showbiz sites, no scandals related to Rebecca Black exist. However, one main thing about her personal life appeared in 2020, when Rebecca Black gave an interview on a podcast. She admitted on the podcast that she belongs to the “Queer” community.

Regarding sexual and gender identities, “Queer” refers to individuals who do not identify as straight or cisgender. Queer refers to anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Often, the term queer refers to sexuality and gender as complicated, evolving over time, and not fitting neatly into either/or identities like heterosexual or homosexual.


Rebecca Black chooses singing as her career. She started her career in 2010 when she was a student. In the last month of 2010, Rebecca’s classmate arranged a meeting with a video client working in a record label named “ARK Music Factory.” The music company is working in California.

After that meeting, Rebecca Black and her mother signed a contract for a video recording featuring Rebecca as a singer. According to this contract, Rebecca owns all the video and singing rights, and Rebecca’s mother paid an amount of USD 4000 to “ARK Music Company.” After this contract, Rebecca Black made a video song titled “Friday,” which was written by a music company.

Rebecca uploaded this music video on YouTube and iTunes on 10 February. At first, this video did not get much popularity, but after the first month, this video started going viral on YouTube. In the second month, “Friday” video songs are watched by millions of viewers in a few days. Most of the viewers watched this video due to its negative fame. A lot of people made fun of the video and mocked it. But eventually, all these negative actions of viewers helped Rebecca build many audiences.

After getting a lot of fame, the “Friday” music video sold over 442000 copies. Due to Rebecca’s negative fame from the song, she also manages to get a contract with “DB Entertainment.” In the last month of 2011, Rebecca’s song “Friday” get 167 million views. Watching the popularity of this song, “ARK Music company” started a legal case on the ownership of this song.

Due to these legal issues, later on, Rebecca Black made her own music company with the name of “RB Records.” Under this company, Rebecca made a lot of songs; her first song under the umbrella of “RB Record” was “My Moment,” which was released in July 2011. Later in 2012, she made the sequel of ” Friday” song called “Saturday,” with the collaboration of Dave Days. “Saturday” also gets new heights of popularity and gained numerous successes. This song is listed on the “Billboard Hot 100”.

Rebecca Black also posted regular Vlogs on YouTube along with her music career. She also earns a lot of money through her YouTube channel. Rebecca’s net worth is increasing with the help of music and a YouTube channel.

Rebecca Black net worth

By reading above about Rebecca Black, you know that she started her career early. She earned a lot of money from her songs and by YouTube channel. Due to those earnings as of 2022, Rebecca Black’s net worth is about USD 500,000. Rebecca Black’s net worth results from her hard work and dedication to her career. Anybody who got a lot of criticism can easily quit the job, but Rebecca Black stood firm against all odds and eventually got success.

Final thoughts

After getting to know a lot about Rebecca Black’s life, you must get a life lesson that determination is the key to success. Due to this determination, Rebecca Black’s net worth increased, and along with her wealth, she also gained a lot of fame and proved her name in the music industry.

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What is the amount of money Rebecca Black received for “Friday”?

Black earned about $20,000 from “Friday,” which received around 30 million page views. Black earned around $40,000 as a result of this, as well as the numerous downloads of the song. For a teen supermodel, it is certainly not harmful.

What is Rebecca Black doing at the moment?

Her YouTube channel currently features videos on a variety of topics. During her career, she has produced two independent plays, “RE / BL” (2017) and “Rebecca Black Was Here” (2021).

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