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Who Is Buster Posey? Buster Posey Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, and Other Info

Buster Posey is an American nationalist who is famous for his baseball career. In the baseball game, he played as a baseball catcher. Currently, he got retirement from his baseball career. He played Baseball for thirty-five years. Fans of Buster Posey are taking a keen interest in knowing more and more about him. In this article, you will learn many things about him, including Buster Posey net worth, early life, and other interesting facts about him.

So, let’s get started exploring the life of Buster Posey.

Early life and education

The date of birth of Buster Posey is 27th March 1987. He was born in Leesburg, which is situated in the Georgia State of USA. He is interested in different spots from his school life and played many other games as a student. Buster Posey played the following games in his childhood.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer

However, he chose Baseball as his favorite game and developed baseball-playing skills. In his early life, when he was studying in school, he got a lot of sports awards for his excellent athletic performance.

Buster Posey’s father’s name was Geral Dempsey Posey II, and his mother’s name was Tracy Posey. Buster Posey gets his early education from “Lee County High School.” After getting his early education, he continued his high education at Florida State University. At the university, he again participated in Baseball as a catcher. He completed his education at Florida State University by gaining a 3.94 CGPA and 4th position in his 300-member class.

Personal life

When Buster Posey was a high school student, he took an interest in his class fellow “Kristen. This interest converted into love, and in 2009 they decided to get married. The date of marriage of Buster Posey and Kristen was 10th January 2009. When the couple got married, they used to live in a house in “East Bay.” They lived in “East Bay” House till Buster Posey’s retirement. After his professional baseball career retirement, he moved with his family to his hometown, Leesburg, Georgia.

Buster Posey moved to his home mainly to live closer to his close relatives. Buster Posey and Kristen welcomed their twins after two years of marriage in 2011. In the twins, one child was a son, and the other was a daughter. The name of these kids is mentioned below.

  • Lee Dempsey Poser
  • Ada Posey

After the birth of the twins, Kristen did not give birth to any child; however, in 2020, they adopted two twin girls, and the name of these two girls are as follows.

  • Livvi Posey
  • Addison Lynn Posey

Buster Posey’s had two brothers and one sister. The name of his siblings is as follows.

  • Samantha Posey
  • Jack Posey
  • Jess Posey

Samantha Posey, younger than Buster Posey, was also an athlete. She was a player of “Softball’ and played for Valdosta State University.

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Buster Posey was an athlete since his childhood; he played several games but liked playing Baseball most of them all. He got a chance to play for MLB (Major League Baseball) national Baseball when he graduated from high school. But he preferred to complete his education first, refused initial drafts then, and went to Florida State University for higher education.

At the university, he played Baseball as a catcher. He is so good at this position that not a single player had the capability of his level in the entire draft pool 0f 2008. Buster Posey net worth starts building up during his student life.

When Buster Posey graduated from university-level education, he was draft by San Francisco Giants in 2009. Buster Posey played his debut match on 27th March 2009 against Hiroki Kuroda of the Los Angeles Dodgers. From 2009 till the end of his career, he played from the side of the San Francisco Giants. He got a lot of awards and titles during his career. After one year of playing in the National League, he got the title “National League Rookie of the year” in 2010. After getting this title, he could not get any championship in 2011. In 2012 he got the following two titles.

  • National League Comeback Player of the Year
  • National League MVP

Throughout his career, Buster Posey played 12 seasons, and in all these seasons, he played for Giants. The overall batting average of Buster Posey is 0.302. He had played a total of 1500 hits. Their home runs a state of Buster Posey is 158, and for RBIs, he scored a total of 729 and 663 runs. Overall, states about his awards are mention below.

  • Comeback player of the year       1
  • Gold Glove award                            1
  • MVP Award                                        1
  • Rookie of the Year                           1
  • Silver slugger awards                      4
  • World Series awards                       3

After making a fantastic career figure in November 2021, Buster Posey announced their retirement from his baseball career. This is unfortunate news for the Giants and the fans of Buster Posey. During his career, Buster Posey net worth piles up significantly.

Buster Posey net worth

Buster Posey was an incredibly skillful athlete who played Baseball thorough his life. He also made a lot of money from his profession. According to some credible resources, Buster Posey net is fifty million US dollars as of 2022. Buster Posey announced his retirement from MLB in 2021. He earned approximately 160 million dollars in salary when he played for the Giants. Buster Posey is also very generous; he has spent a lot of his money on contributions to various charity organizations.

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