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Bangkok Living Cost Wiki: Accommodation, Transportation, And Food Cost Unfold

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and a very beautiful country. Bangkok’s main attraction includes its shrine, culture, and beautiful street life. Different boat canals increase the beauty of Bangkok; these canals take water from the earlier-mentioned river. You must read this article if you want to move to Bangkok for a visit or living. Because in this article, you will learn in detail about Bangkok cost of living.

So, without further due, let’s start exploring how much you have to pay to live in Bangkok.

Why do you have to know about Bangkok living cost?

There are multiple reasons for knowing about the Bangkok cost of living. Suppose you want to spend your vacation in the beautiful city of Bangkok or even want to do a job in Bangkok. To make your budget, you must know about the Bangkok cost of living because it is an essential part of your budget.

Bangkok living cost

Every person is different in nature and lifestyle, just like everyone else in the world. Thus your cost of living in Bangkok will vary depending on your lifestyle. Bangkok has a lot of specialties; you can find Asian a European cultures in this city. Most people come to Bangkok for work and to spend their vacations. The cost of living in Bangkok is very affordable, and with this reasonable cost, you can enjoy a better quality of life here.

It depends on your lifestyle to determine how much it costs to live in Bangkok. There can be a wide range of prices in the city, making it one of the most affordable or the most expensive. Although living expenses in Thailand are relatively low, they are higher than those in the United States or Europe. Food in Bangkok and Thailand is typically significantly cheaper than in other areas, leading many ex-pats to believe that eating out is more cost-effective than cooking. The rental prices in many other Asian cities are also relatively low.

Monthly bills of living in Bangkok


The cost of monthly bills all over Bangkok is the same, and you pay almost the exact amount of water and electricity bills throughout the city. The monthly utility bill includes electricity, heat, cooling, water, and garbage. If you live in an 85-meter square apartment, you must pay almost 3000 Bhat for these essential utilities monthly. If you want a 60 Mbps internet connection with unlimited data, this will cost you 550 Bhat per month. Mobile phone calls are also essential for living in Bangkok, and the call rate in Bangkok is 1.32 Bhat for a one-minute call.

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To live anywhere in the world, you need a living place that can protect you from weather effects. Similarly, if you plan to move to Bangkok, you must include accommodation costs as the total Bangkok living cost. If you want to live in established areas, you have to pay more than in side areas of Bangkok. If you choose a furnished house with a 900 square feet area in the center of the city, then you have to pay almost 65000 Bhat per month.

In the suburban area of Bangkok, the monthly rent of 900 square feet of furnished apartments is 32000 Bhat. If you have a small family and can live in a small apartment of 450 square feet, then the monthly rent for this small furnished house is 2500 Bhat per month in an expensive area. The per month rent rate of 450 square feet furnished home in the suburban area of Bangkok is 12000 Bhat.

Transportation cost

The public transportation system of Bangkok is sound, but if you want to travel in your vehicle, then this will cost you both time and money. Because during peak hours, traffic jam in Bangkok is typical, and you can easily stick in these traffic jams by riding your car. However, if you want to save time and money, you must prefer Skytrain (BTS) or the Underground train (MRT). If you travel on these two trains, a one-way ticket can cost you around 16 Bhat to 60 Bhat depending on your travel distance. Ticket purchasing for BTS and MRT is straightforward, and you can top up your card by using debit cards.

Food costs at restaurants

Bangkok food restaurants’ costs are depended on your liking. However, if you go to an inexpensive Restaurant, you can quickly fill your belly with food by paying 70 Bhat for one time. For a family of two, the food cost in mid-range restaurants is approximately 1000 Bhat for one time. Half a liter of coke can cost you 17 Bhat, and the price of a half-lite water bottle at restaurants is 9 Bhat.


In conclusion, Bangkok living cost for a single person is around 22000 Bhat, and if you want to move to Bangkok with a family of 3, then you have to spend almost 57000 Bhat per month.

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