Custom Packaging Design: Top 6 Best Tips To Make Good Custom Packaging Design


The words custom packaging can elicit both excitement and panic in new businesses. Even though the packaging is one of the most exciting assets of your brand, designing it can be intimidating. Various industries can benefit from thePackagingPro customized packaging boxes and printed packaging products.

It depends on what you’re selling and where you’re selling it and what kind of packaging you need. The purpose of this guide is to give you detailed information about custom packaging design tips.

Tips to make good custom packaging design

·        Consider your packaging needs

First, you should determine what you hope your product packaging design will achieve before selecting your Pantones.

When it comes to designing a brand, whether you’re just starting or updating, this step is crucial. With custom-branded packaging, products are transported, branded, and marketed simultaneously.

·        Be careful when choosing branding elements.

The purpose of custom packaging is to help your customer recognize your brand visually. Brands often make their logo the focus of their packaging for this reason.

For custom printed boxes, offset printing is most used, which includes multicolor groups, multifunction webs, and matte papers. There is no other way to create a unique design than by using this method. You should design in a way that engages and delights your customer, so you should think outside of the box to do this.

·        Tell a story with your packaging design.

A brand’s packaging is no longer just packaging in the age of social media; it is a storytelling device. The packaging of your product used to be seen only by the customer not that long ago. In today’s world, thousands of people watch it. For a picture to gain traction on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, it must convey a lot of information.

·        Eco-friendly

Product packaging design is usually decided based on aesthetic factors when brands think about it. Despite best efforts, 91% of plastic is not recycled, presenting a significant ethical challenge. Make the most of sustainable alternatives in product packaging since today’s customers always look for eco-friendly options.

In addition to being non-recyclable, plastic takes years to decompose naturally. Environmental damage is caused by using plastic. The sustainability of your design should also be considered.

·        Finalize the designing

A few final housekeeping tasks must be completed before sending the document to the printers. New packaging designs should at the very least be viewed and evaluated by your leadership team and brand stakeholders.

Don’t stop there, though. Don’t forget to share it with others who don’t have a stake in your brands, such as employees or friends. Any themes or concerns they raise in their feedback regarding the design, branding, or messaging should be noted. Take part in market research or market testing if you have the time and the means to get genuine feedback from the consumers you hope to attract.

The custom packaging boxes are tailored to meet the needs of specific industries and products. It is important to accept both compliments and criticism equally and to approach any potential tweaks with an open mind. Make sure it’s what you want. It is very expensive to change everything from scratch once your packaging design has been finalized.


There was a time when custom packaging design was just that: packaging. A few forward-thinking brands dressed up the box or bag their goods came in, but they were few and far between. For custom packaging boxes and printed packaging boxes for your industry and product, visit Most brands and their products used an outer package to protect their contents during shipment from the warehouse to the customer.

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